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Written on September 18, 2018   By   in Advertising & Marketing

Why you Should Use a Singing Bowl.

By listening to the sound of a singing bowl, one is likely to get healed from certain diseases. The benefits of a singing bowl are so many nowadays such that the doctors and any health practitioner describe them as therapy tools. The western community are highly using singing bowls for sound meditation and healing.

Most people in the western communities love using the singing bowl in order to benefit from the sound. It is hard to know the exact origin of singing bowls because most think they originated from India or Nepal.

We have come up with some importance of using the singing bowl.

They enhance deep relaxation when someone is using them. For the bowl to sing, you need to hold the singing bowl using one of your palms. On the other hand, hold the wooden mallet or the striker like you do when holding a pen ready to write. Make sure you go round the edge of the bowl with the striker or the mallet in the clockwise direction without hurrying so that the bowl can make some beautiful sound which is referred to as the singing of the bowl.

The sound from the singing bowl you are using will assist you in improving your breathing rate and make you feel relaxed. Combining the calm sound you made from the bowl with your breathing rate, you get to release any type of tension and hence promoting a feeling of relaxation and calmness.

It helps in reducing anxiety and stress. If you are feeling stressed up or with a lot of anxiety, playing the sound bowl will be important to you because you will not suffer from any of the two. Your brain waves will be harmonized by the quality of music you get from the singing bowl encouraging you to have a deeply reflective and a peaceful moment.

You can consider striking the side of the singing bowl once or twice so that your room can be filled with the beautiful sound made by the bowl. Your room will be filled with a lot of positivity driving away any negative energy present in the room.

It assists in improving the immune system. There are people who believe that immune system is stimulated by the vibrations from the singing bowl. However, the sound generated by the singing bowl aids in restoring optimizing, and balancing energy flow in our bodies to the required parts. It is believed that when you play the singing bowl in the clockwise direction, then the energy in your body will also be circulated in the same clockwise direction.

It aids in improving the flow and circulation of blood to the one playing the singing bowl. The sound made by a singing bowl reduce the brain activity hence slowing down the respiration together with the heartbeat rate.

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